Scientific and Technical Support Services Next Generation (SciTech NG)

Transition Recap

  • ERT understands that contract transitions are times of uncertainty and are often stressful for an incumbent workforce. We are committed to making our hiring process as quick, orderly, and hassle-free as possible.
  • Our HR staff and managers work with each individual to make sure each person is treated fairly, and that all of his/her concerns are addressed.
  • Our managers are people- and service-oriented. They’ve managed numerous contract transitions at NOAA, so they know how to help staff move into a new contract with minimal disruption!
  • You can always go to your new contract manager with questions or concerns.

ERT is Employee Oriented

  • ERT offers competitive employee benefits that include health, disability, life insurance, leave and educational benefits.
  • We are a NOAA contractor who knows what is required to compete for the talented professionals needed to support NOAA atmospheric science support services requirements.